OGD Heads to .NEXT EMEA 2016

Author: November 2, 2016

An Interview with Joep Piscaer, CTO of OGD ict-diensten We recently interviewed Joep Piscaer to find out what’s happening at OGD ict-diensten and to see if he is planning to attend .NEXT EMEA in Vienna this year. Here are some highlights of our......

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Delen Private Bank Heads to .NEXT Vienna 2016

Author: October 31, 2016

An Interview with Sammy Bogaert, Senior Systems Administrator, Delen Private Bank We recently interviewed Sammy Bogaert, Senior Systems Administrator at Delen Private Bank, to ask about his company’s Nutanix implementation and to see what he has......

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Listening to Healthcare CIOs

Author: October 27, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to conduct a focus group with healthcare executives from US provider organizations. Most were CIOs, with a CTO and CEO also participating. The questions we had prepared were designed to elicit useful information for......

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Dell EMC Is Going Big at .NEXT Europe

Author: October 19, 2016

We recently sat down to chat with Eric van ‘t Hoff, Nutanix Alliance Manager for EMEA at Dell Technologies. Eric has been an expert and evangelist for Dell XC Series since the early days of the partnership, and shares his unique perspective......

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Recognizing a Transformational Force in Government

Author: October 17, 2016

U.S. Federal Government CIO Tony Scott was quoted this summer as saying that, by spending more and more money each year on simply maintaining legacy systems, agencies “have missed multiple generations of advancements in technology,” especially......

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