Tech Note:
Nutanix All-Flash Platforms

Acropolis Block Services

The Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers peak All-Flash performance without network bottlenecks or scalability constraints.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform employs a variety of advanced mechanisms to drive the highest possible performance for many different virtualized workloads. The most important of these mechanisms exist in the scale-out storage tier, which uses flash storage both as a high-performance read cache and as a persistent data tier. However, even all-flash storage arrays can fail to meet the aggregate performance levels of their underlying flash components due to network and storage controller bottlenecks, scalability constraints, and archaic data management limitations.

The Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric natively prioritizes local server-attached flash and memory to keep data physically close to applications and to utilize flash to its full potential. As density increases and data footprints climb, every Nutanix all-flash platform can seamlessly scale out, adding capacity and performance linearly. By coupling natively integrated data efficiency, resiliency, and protection capabilities with consumer-grade design, Nutanix delivers predictable high performance and cloud-like infrastructure consumption for the broadest range of enterprise applications.

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  • Nutanix all-flash platforms let you run diverse workloads all in the same Nutanix cluster with no resource silos.
  • The Enterprise Cloud Platform enables IT organizations to easily replatform their datacenters through a simple, scalable, architecture.


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