Non-Return Disk Option

Nutanix understands that when HDDs or SSDs require replacement, you may want to keep your hard drives in-house to protect your data in order to comply with data security compliance regulations. For this reason, we are offering a Nutanix NRDK option, which eliminates the need for clients to return defective hard disk drives. The NRDK program can be added-on to your existing support packages. The program applies to all existing models of the Nutanix product. The client is responsible for disposing of the replaced hard disk drives in agreement with their own data security compliance requirements and other applicable laws.

Service terms:

  • NRDK can be purchased as a 1 or 3 year contract and is available for all Nutanix product models
  • NRDK must be purchased per disk
  • The NRDK option is only available for purchase in conjunction with one of Nutanix’s support programs