The Industry's Most Feature-Rich Hyperconverged Platform

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Features

Nutanix enterprise cloud platform delivers the industry’s most feature-rich hyperconverged infrastructure to enterprise datacenters. Nutanix brings the benefits of web-scale technologies to enterprise applications through enterprise storage, data protection, infrastructure resilience, management and analytics, and security.

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Enterprise Storage

The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform delivers enterprise data storage as an on-demand service by employing a highly distributed software architecture. Nutanix eliminates the need for traditional SAN and NAS solutions, and delivers a rich set of software-defined services that are entirely VM-centric, including snapshots, high availability, disaster recovery, deduplication and more.

  • Compression

    Inline and post-process compression at the sub-block level increase effective storage capacity by up to 4x

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  • Snapshots and Clones

    Redirect-on-write snapshots and writeable clones at the granularity of a single VM increase efficiency

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  • Shadow Clones

    Distributed caching of VM data improves performance in multi-reader scenarios, such as VDI with linked clones

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  • Deduplication

    Inline deduplication in the read cache and post-process deduplication in the capacity tier, improve performance and effective capacity

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  • Performance Acceleration

    Powerful acceleration capabilities such as caching, automatic data tiering and data locality speed storage performance

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Data Protection

Nutanix offers a natively integrated solution for data protection and continuous availability at VM granularity. It gives administrators an affordable range of options to meet the recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) for different applications.

  • Converged Local Backups

    Unlimited local backups using VM-centric snapshots and integrated workflows delivering RPO in minutes

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  • Integrated Remote Backup and DR

    Natively integrated solution for disaster recovery enables simple VM-centric backup, recovery and replication with application-level consistency

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  • Cloud Connect

    Built-in hybrid cloud technology enables seamless backup of data to public cloud services

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  • Metro Availability

    Continuous availability of data across different sites during planned maintenance or disasters through synchronous replication

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  • Ecosystem Integration

    Support for Microsoft VSS and VMware VADP, and seamless integration with third-party backup providers like Commvault and Veeam

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Infrastructure Resilience

The Nutanix web-scale platform is fault resistant, with no single point of failure and no bottlenecks. The system uses a shared-nothing architecture, where all data, metadata and services are distributed to all nodes within the cluster, and is built to detect, isolate and recover from failures anywhere in the system. Nutanix hyperconverged appliances deliver always-on operation, and can survive system hardware, software and hypervisor issues and maintain 100% availability to applications and data.

  • Availability Domains

    Intelligent data placement in different physical failure domains (e.g. separate racks or power sources) delivers greater fault tolerance

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  • Tunable Redundancy

    Data and metadata replicated across multiple nodes provide user-defined resilience against hardware failures

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  • Data Path Redundancy

    Multiple copies of data ensure 100% data availability in the event that a Nutanix controller VM is unavailable due to failure or maintenance.

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  • Data Integrity Checks

    Automatic integrity checks during reads and silent at-rest error detection for data consistency

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Management & Analytics

The Nutanix hyperconverged platform marries web-scale capabilities with an intuitive user-centric management experience to simplify every aspect of the IT infrastructure lifecycle. Nutanix Prism provides a single pane of glass to monitor and control one or more Nutanix clusters, with simplified workflows and rich automation for common administrative tasks.

  • Intuitive Administration

    Elegantly simple management framework with intuitive workflows delivers radical simplicity and powerful control to IT management

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  • Centralized Management

    Single pane of glass delivers centralized visibility and management of multiple Nutanix clusters across the world

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  • Operational Simplicity

    Rich automation and intuitive workflows simplify deployment, provisioning, orchestration and maintenance of Nutanix clusters

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  • Rich Data Analytics

    End-to-end visibility of VMs, nodes and disks and the ability to visually diagnose potential issues gives administrators total infrastrucure control

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  • Programmatic Interface

    Programmatic control of every aspect of cluster management, including deployment, upgrades, data protection, and performance management enables powerful automation

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  • Virtualization Management

    Streamlined management for hypervisor and virtual machines on Nutanix.

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Nutanix combines powerful features, such as two-factor authentication and data-at-rest encryption, with a security development lifecycle that is integrated into product development to help customers meet the most stringent security requirements. Nutanix hyperconverged systems are certified across a broad set of evaluation programs to ensure compliance with the strictest standards.

  • Security Development Lifecycle

    Security incorporated into every step of the software development process enables verifiably secure software releases

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  • Data at Rest Encryption

    Encryption of sensitive data with self-encrypting drives that are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 conformant supports stringent encryption requirements

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  • Custom Security Technical Implementation Guide

    Comprehensive machine-readable security technical implementation guide (STIG) speeds up the validation and accreditation process

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  • Two-factor Authentication and Cluster Shield

    Two-step authentication using a client certificate and username/password, along with cluster lockdown, provides protection against unauthorized access

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  • Certifications

    Certification across a broad set of evaluation programs ensures compliance with the strictest international standards

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