Acropolis Block Services

  • Benefit from a native scale-out block storage solution
  • Eliminate silos while protecting existing server investments
  • Gain a holistic datacenter view


Acropolis Block Services (ABS) provides direct, native block-level access via the iSCSI protocol to the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric. While hyperconvergence is being embraced for a wide range of virtualized applications, database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server, and SAP often continue to be deployed on specialized physical servers for price/performance or on bare-metal x86 to minimize software licensing costs. Without a solution like ABS, these applications continue to use traditional Fibre Channel SANs and other specialized products that drive costs higher and require specialized IT administrators to maintain.

Enterprise applications running on external servers can leverage the benefits of the Nutanix architecture by using an existing or new Nutanix cluster as their block storage backend. The platform is simple, scalable, and enterprise-grade out of the box, ensuring the application is up and running without a glitch – irrespective of underlying disk, node, or network failures. Additionally, the platform delivers very high performance making it an ideal solution for non-virtualized, high-performance database applications. For example, if a single Nutanix CVM can deliver 100,000 IOPS, a four-node Nutanix cluster can deliver an aggregated throughput of 400,000 IOPS. Best of all, ABS is simple to use and can easily be managed from Prism.

Because ABS directly leverages the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric, ABS delivers the same proven features that hyperconverged environments depend upon. This includes intelligent data reduction features such as deduplication, compression, and erasure coding. It also provides access to advanced snapshot-based disaster recovery, backup to the public cloud, and tiering capabilities. As a result, ABS is feature-rich and ready to serve a wide range of workloads.

Finally, ease of use and deployment is one of the best attributes of ABS. With ABS, high performance block storage can now be deployed and managed by IT generalists, while eliminating the acquisition costs and complexity associated with proprietary storage networking like Fibre Channel SANs. ABS is managed by Prism, offering the same one-click management simplicity enjoyed by hyperconverged infrastructure environments, rapidly simplifying provisioning and everyday management capabilities.