Cloud Connect

  • Low cost VM-centric backups to public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Built-in hybrid cloud capabilities without third-party software
  • 75% reduction in storage footprint and network bandwidth

Cloud Connect

Nutanix Cloud Connect seamlessly integrates public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, with Nutanix-powered private cloud environments. Cloud Connect allows Nutanix customers to combine private and public cloud technology into their long-term infrastructure strategy without requiring third-party software or hard to maintain plug-ins. Cloud Connect enables customers to embrace public cloud services by making them a logical extension of their own datacenters.

Using Nutanix Cloud Connect, administrators can create efficient and long-term backups to public cloud services. The functionality is seamlessly integrated into Nutanix data protection capabilities, allowing customers to backup to and recover from the cloud with just a few clicks – just as they would with a remote Nutanix cluster. Customers can snapshot a virtual machine, or a collection of VMs, to multiple geographically dispersed AWS and Azure regions. Recovering from the public cloud is just as easy as recovering from any other remote Nutanix site. Administrators can view snapshots stored in the cloud, and can choose and recover specific snapshots of a virtual machine easily.

Cloud Connect Diagram

Cloud Connect for AWS hosts a live Nutanix cluster in the cloud running on EC2 instances and using the Elastic Block Store for metadata and S3 storage for backups. For Microsoft Azure, the Nutanix software runs on Azure Compute and storage is from Azure Page Blob. Data transfer to the public cloud is WAN optimized, reducing the storage footprint and networking bandwidth by over 75%. Support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Azure Virtual Network (VNET) allows secure data transfer over an IP connection.