Converged Local Backups

  • Enterprise-grade backups with single pane of glass management
  • Flexible and fine-grained control with VM-centric snapshots
  • Intuitive self-service access for file level recovery
  • Unlimited, cost-effective backups using heterogeneous nodes in a single cluster

Converged Local Backups

Nutanix Time Stream can create unlimited local backups and recover data instantly to meet a wide range of data protection requirements. Administrators create virtual copies of data and roll back state with a single click.

Time Stream uses VM-centric snapshots, which provide production-level data protection without sacrificing performance. Nutanix utilizes a redirect-on-write algorithm to dramatically improve system efficiency for snapshots. Unlike traditional storage systems that snapshot data at a volume or LUN level, Nutanix snapshots happen at VM granularity for more fine-grained data protection and instant recovery.

Converged Local Backups Diagram

Users can recover independent files inside a VM without having to recover the entire VM. This makes the recovery process extremely efficient and eliminates the need to have a stand-alone backup solution for a significant chunk of their workloads. Whether it is recovering a specific VM or a file within a VM, end users can do it without any need for administrator intervention.

Administrators can seamlessly add capacity-heavy Nutanix hyperconverged appliances to existing clusters to support nearly unlimited retention of snapshots and fast recovery. In heterogeneous clusters with Nutanix nodes having different storage capacities, the disk-balancing feature of the Nutanix Operating System ensures that the data stored on nodes is proportional to the storage capacity of the nodes. This ensures that capacity-heavy nodes increase the effective storage available for snapshots.