Metro Availability

  • Continuous availability of business-critical applications during disasters and planned maintenance
  • Simple and intuitive management with one-click failover
  • Flexibility through support for heterogeneous clusters and asymmetric hardware across sites

Metro Availability

Nutanix Metro Availability provides continuous availability of business-critical applications during planned maintenance or unplanned disasters that affect entire sites.

Overview of Nutanix Metro Availability Video

Simple and intuitive management is integrated into Prism. Metro Availability can be set up with a few simple steps, and failover can be initiated with a single click. Customers can have asymmetric hardware setup and storage policies across both sites and can make use of existing networking infrastructure. This provides great flexibility and enables enterprises to protect their mission-critical workloads with minimal setup and effort.

Metro Availability can be set up bi-directionally between two sites that are connected over a metro area network. The only network requirement is a round trip latency of less than five milliseconds. Data is synchronously written to two Nutanix clusters at the locations, ensuring that data is always available to applications in the event a site fails or needs to undergo maintenance. Virtualization teams can now non-disruptively migrate virtual machines between sites during planned maintenance events, providing continuous data protection with zero recovery point objective (RPO) and a near zero recovery time objective (RTO).