Enterprise Storage

The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform delivers enterprise data storage as an on-demand service by employing a highly distributed software architecture. Nutanix eliminates the need for traditional SAN and NAS solutions, and delivers a rich set of software-defined services that are entirely VM-centric, including snapshots, high availability, disaster recovery, deduplication and more.

Enterprise Storage Features

  • Snapshots & Clones

    Redirect-on-write snapshots and writeable clones at the granularity of a single VM increase efficiency

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  • Shadow Clones

    Distributed caching of VM data improves performance in multi-reader scenarios, such as VDI with linked clones

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  • Performance Acceleration

    Powerful acceleration capabilities such as caching, automatic data tiering and data locality speed storage performance

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  • Capacity Optimization

    Wide range of storage optimization technologies that work in concert to make efficient use of available capacity for any workload

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