One-click Infrastructure Management

Nutanix Prism gives administrators an easy way to manage virtual environments running on Acropolis. It simplifies and streamlines common workflows for hypervisor and virtual machine (VM) management, from VM creation and migration to virtual network setup and hypervisor upgrades. Rather than replicating the full set of features found in other virtualization solutions, virtualization management in Prism has been designed for an uncluttered, consumer-grade experience.

  • Cluster Management

    Streamlined deployment, maintenance and scaling of hosts in a Nutanix cluster.

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  • VM Management

    End-to-end management of VMs through their lifecycle, from creation and initial placement to protection and migration.

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  • Storage Management

    Intuitive user-centric management experience for storage from a single pane of glass.

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  • Prism Self Service

    Frictionless access to infrastructure resources.

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  • Network Visualization

    VM-centric operational view of the network.

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