Infrastructure Resilience

The Nutanix web-scale platform is fault resistant, with no single point of failure and no bottlenecks. The system uses a shared-nothing architecture, where all data, metadata and services are distributed to all nodes within the cluster, and is built to detect, isolate and recover from failures anywhere in the system. Nutanix hyperconverged appliances deliver always-on operation, and can survive system hardware, software and hypervisor issues and maintain 100% availability to applications and data.

Infrastructure Resilience Features

  • Availability Domains

    Intelligent data placement across different physical failure domains (e.g. separate racks or power sources) delivers greater fault tolerance

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  • Tunable Redundancy

    Data and meta-data replicated across multiple nodes to provide user-defined resilience against hardware failures

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  • Data Path Redundancy

    Multiple copies of data ensure 100% data availability in the event that a Nutanix controller VM is unavailable due to failure or maintenance

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  • Data Integrity Checks

    Automatic integrity checks during reads and silent at-rest error detection for data consistency

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