Built-in Virtualization

  • Built on proven open-source technology, hardened for the enterprise
  • Leaner infrastructure stack, with no hypervisor bloat or shelfware
  • Up to 80% lower virtualization costs

Built-in Virtualization

Nutanix Acropolis has enterprise-class virtualization capabilities built into the converged infrastructure stack. Powerful virtualization capabilities come standard on all Nutanix appliances and are available to use immediately – no additional software components to install and manage.

Every Nutanix node also includes Nutanix Prism, the beautifully simple and intuitive management interface. Prism provides a single pane of glass for managing the entire infrastructure stack, whether in a single datacenter or distributed throughout datacenters and offices globally. Common tasks such as deploying, cloning and protecting (DR) VMs are done holistically as part of infrastructure solution, rather than utilizing disparate products and policies in a piecemeal strategy.



The built-in virtualization solution includes a rich set of capabilities as part of Nutanix Acropolis at no additional cost, including the following VM Management and Hypervisor Management features:

Virtual Machine Management

  • VM Operations: Create, delete, update, power, pause/resume, snapshot, clone VMs, access via remote console
  • Image Management: Convert and upload disk / ISO images to a Nutanix cluster
  • Intelligent Placement: Determine initial placement of virtual machines based on CPU and memory availability
  • Live Migration: Migrate VMs across hosts in a Nutanix cluster with zero downtime
  • Cross-Hypervisor Migration: Migrate VMs between virtual environments running different hypervisors easily
  • Automated HA: Automatically restart VMs on healthy nodes in case of a node failure
  • Converged Backup and DR: Create on-cluster local snapshots and/or replicate to remote cluster for backup and DR
  • Analytics: Monitor and report key metrics for both VMs and the infrastructure (hypervisor, physical nodes)

Hypervisor Management

  • Host Profiles: Standardize configuration of hosts within a cluster based on user-provided information, including network configuration, credentials, NTP settings, etc.
  • Storage Configuration: Automatically configure storage on all hypervisor nodes when creating a Nutanix cluster
  • Virtual Networking: Setup and configure layer-2 VLAN backed virtual networks that span a cluster. Use optional in-built IP management to dynamically assign static IP addresses to VMs
  • Rolling Upgrades: Non-disruptively upgrade NOS, hypervisor and firmware in a Nutanix cluster
  • Host Maintenance Mode: Put hosts into maintenance mode for planned upgrades and host removals
  • Scaling: Easily add and remove nodes and configure the hypervisor in minutes

Nutanix Acropolis is hardened by default. It utilizes the principle of least privilege, and delivers a true defense-in-depth model. The custom security baseline (security technical implementation guide, or STIG), exceeds the requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense. Acropolis leverages SaltStack to self-heal any deviation from the security baseline configuration of the OS and hypervisor.

With Acropolis, virtualization is a feature of the infrastructure stack rather than a standalone product that needs to be bought, deployed and managed separately.