For Mason IT, Nutanix Is the Perfect Platform for Hosting Cloud Services

Business Needs

Build scalable, sustainable “cloud” platform for hosting infrastructure-as-a-service.


The Nutanix Complete Cluster.


  • Compact footprint dramatically reduces power, cooling and space requirements.
  • Avoids cost and energy consumption of SAN equipment
  • Scale-out architecture eliminates large, upfront capital expenditure
  • Fast and easy to scale as client demands grow
  • Preloaded with VMware and ready to deploy as a shared, virtualized service

Company Background

Mason IT is a value added reseller and cloud service provider. The company specialises in delivering sustainable IT solutions for their customers and offers managed services within its UK and Icelandic data centres. They partner with the world’s largest vendors including Cisco, VMware, Nutanix, Juniper, and Huawei.

Sustainable Technology

Mason IT now offers the first sustainable “Private Cloud” service built on Nutanix technology. Mason IT chose the Nutanix complete cluster architecture because it offers a radically different approach to a traditional architecture by providing converged compute and storage. The Nutanix solution has the flexibility to scale cost effectively and manage petabytes of data with no degradation of performance to its customers.

According to Gísli Helgason, Technical Director at Mason IT, “Sustainable IT is a key part of our company strategy. We can now offer our customers two private cloud options built on Nutanix. Firstly a UK-based solution with efficient infrastructure and secondly, a sustainable zero-carbon private cloud option based in our Icelandic data centre which is powered 100% by renewable energy.”

As we developed our cloud strategy, we saw that both the commercial and technical engagement of Nutanix products was going to be best-fit for us moving forward.

Wesley Mezzone, Director at Mason IT

Nutanix for the Cloud

The Nutanix system avoids the acquisition and operating costs associated with today’s legacy SAN architecture. Each 2U Nutanix Complete Block replaces one full rack of traditional storage and a half rack of servers. The extremely compact footprint reduces power and cooling requirements by 40% compared to typical, underutilized server, storage and networking equipment.

Nutanix makes it easy to scale the infrastructure as client requirements grow. The Nutanix system expands by adding Complete Blocks to the cluster that scale performance and capacity linearly. These are simple to install and can be rolled out in a matter of minutes. No integration is required. Each Complete Block includes 4 nodes and a total of 8 Intel Xeon processors (48 cores), 4 Fusion-io PCIe SSD cards, 4 SATA SSDs and 20 SATA HDDs. The multi-core processors combined with flash storage and automated data tiering deliver exceptionally high and predictable performance for cloud customers.

The system comes preloaded with a VMware hypervisor and supports VM high availability and live migration, so it is ready to go as a shared, virtualized platform for virtual data centre. Nutanix allows Mason IT to scale infrastructure in manageable, affordable increments to meet demand without large, upfront capital expenditures.

Whether our customers require a cloud based or on-premise solution, through our partnership with Nutanix we can now deliver SAN-Free data centres with almost infinite scalability and predictable performance.

Wesley Mezzone, Director at Mason IT

Private Cloud or On-Premise

For customers looking to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment or move away from legacy SAN/Server architecture, Mason IT partners with Nutanix to help customers design and implement a converged storage and compute platform.

Wesley Mezzone, director, Mason IT added “Whether our customers require a cloud based or on-premise solution, through our partnership with Nutanix we can now deliver SAN-Free data centres with almost infinite scalability and predictable performance.”