Nutanix GSOFlex Services Credit Program

The Nutanix GSOFlex Services Credit program provides a flexible means for customers to purchase consulting and education services.

GSOFlex Service Credits Datasheet

How It Works

As you purchase and implement Nutanix products, GSOFlex credits allow you to pre-buy and budget for future purchase of Nutanix services and training via redemption of credits. The flexibility of credits allow you to utilize your budget cycles for pre-buying credits and then applying these to buy Nutanix services and training classes in the future. You can leverage the built-in volume discounts for packaged services offered by Nutanix Global Services, allowing you to lock-in such volume discounts and use that benefit in your future budgeting.

You can purchase credits globally and apply these to purchase following types of services from Nutanix:

  • Packaged Consulting Services
  • Education Classes, including certifications
  • Technical Relationship Management (TRM) Services
  • Any future services released by Nutanix Global Services


For more information on Nutanix GSOFlex program, please contact