• Get the most out of tight budgets through simple infrastructure and operations
  • Start small and pay-as-you-grow with predictable performance and economics
  • Eliminate downtime with affordable integrated data protection and disaster recovery
  • Lower capital and operational expense by 50% without compromising availability or scalability

Solutions for K-12 and Higher-Education Institutions

Educational institutions are increasingly facing new challenges with their legacy IT infrastructure. From online testing, BYOD adoption, increased school data access by faculty and students, and the surge in learning applications and instructional video — IT infrastructure needs to be more adaptable than ever. Educational institutions must face these challenges under tighter budgets and with limited IT resources, while aligning to Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

By virtualizing server applications and traditional desktops, educational institutions can efficiently use their infrastructure, provide a consistent user experience with optimized application performance, and simplify management for IT administrators. However, the complexity of managing storage and compute separately and optimizing performance for old, archaic applications continue to be barriers to gaining the full benefits of virtualization.

The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform is the industry’s first and leading hyperconverged infrastructure solution — integrating compute and storage resources into a single appliance — and utilizing the same technologies that power Google and other leading web-scale companies. With a patented scale-out architecture, Nutanix delivers cost savings and predictable scalability for all types of virtual workloads.

Nutanix advantages:

  • Responsive, risk-free infrastructure solution that delivers a turnkey experience for virtual desktops and applications, while eliminating the variable performance and risk of conventional solutions.
  • Validated solutions for business critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, SQL Server, VDI, LMS, and SIS applications, providing flexibility and faster time to deployment.
  • Lowest Cost-to-Start leveraging the modular building-block design enables school districts and universities to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large installations.
  • Lowest Cost-to-Run with simplified management, small footprint, and low cooling and power costs.
  • Runs on the hypervisor of your choice based on budget and preference, including Nutanix’s native hypervisor AHV.

"Every financial report runs much faster on Nutanix. When we added up the stats from each process, we discovered that we were saving more than 20 hours of compute time each week."

Paul Doxsey, Network Systems Coordinator, Akron Public Schools

“Nutanix is enabling us to keep up with our fast growth rate with a very small IT team. This would not have been possible if we hadn’t migrated to Nutanix and AHV.”

Cary Tschirhart, Manager and ISO, Information Technology Services, Texas A&M University System