Enterprise Applications

  • Run multiple enterprise applications on a single platform with predictable and fast performance in 80% less space
  • Linearly scale performance and capacity without performance bottlenecks, expensive overprovisioning or disruptive downtime
  • Improve application availability and productivity with automated VM backups and integrated disaster recovery
  • Reduce operational complexity and simplify application troubleshooting with intuitive consumer-grade management

Enterprise Applications

Nutanix hyperconverged solutions bring the cost, scalability and agility benefits of web-scale IT to your enterprise application environment:

  • Deploy and scale your critical tier-one workloads, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, and SAP business applications
  • Simplify your datacenter infrastructure as you upgrade Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
  • Improve IT utilization and reduce costs by consolidating application infrastructure silos

Nutanix eliminates operational issues common with traditional data center infrastructures, such as unpredictable performance, storage management complexity, and expensive IT change management. Nutanix solutions converge server and storage resources into a single, 100% software-defined appliance that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale. As a hypervisor-agnostic solution, Nutanix gives IT managers a choice of virtualization environments, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, and KVM.

A single Nutanix hyperconverged appliance can simultaneous run different workloads, including transactional and analytical databases, critical business application servers, and messaging and collaboration workloads – without having to overprovision storage to maintain long-term performance. The patented software-based design allows different Nutanix nodes to be added to a cluster based on applications needs, including the dense NX-1000 and NX-3000 series, the capacity-oriented NX-6000 series, and high-performance NX-8000 and NX-9000 series.

Nutanix removes the additional cost and administrative overhead associated with separate data protection products. Integrated data protection and infrastructure resilience capabilities ensure business-critical workloads are always available, with application data well protected. Every Nutanix solution incorporates powerful capabilities, such as data integrity checks, tunable redundancy, data path redundancy, application or crash-consistent VM-centric snapshots, and synchronous and asynchronous replication to other Nutanix systems or public cloud storage facilities.

Enterprise Applications Diagram

Nutanix advantages:

  • Infrastructure consolidation: Eliminate under-utilized application silos and consolidate multiple workloads on to a single dense platform, using up to 80% less space and 50% lower CapEx.
  • Excellent application performance: Fast application performance for both transactional and analytical workloads at any on the same Nutanix web-scale system.
  • Predictable scalability: Eliminate forklift upgrades and disruptive data migration and linearly scale to accommodate application performance and data growth.
  • Applications availability: Near instantaneous application-consistent local and remote back-ups and simplified restores.
  • Deep performance insight: Simplify performance troubleshooting, resolving problems in minutes to hours versus days and weeks with end-to-end and detailed visibility in application VMs and infrastructure.

With our previous architecture where we had compute, storage and networking, deployment of servers would have taken us days and sometimes weeks. With Nutanix we are now producing servers within hours or even minutes sometimes.

Kawa Farid, Infrastructure Manager, Information and Communication Technology, Hyundai Motor Company Australia

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