Financial Services

  • Improve performance and scalability of critical back-end applications, including transactional and analytical workloads
  • Ensure business continuity and access to critical applications to mitigate risk, and meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Speed the rollout of new products and initiatives by focusing IT talent on innovation rather than infrastructure management
  • Control capital and operational costs with a fraction of the footprint, power, and space

Financial Services

Financial services companies including banking, insurance, and capital market firms are facing the increased need for new, innovative services to maintain a competitive advantage, while dealing with unprecedented data growth, ever present cyber-security risks, and increasing regulatory requirements. This change in the ‘new normal’ requires rethinking IT infrastructure.

Built with web-scale technologies, Nutanix hyperconverged datacenter solutions form the perfect foundation for financial services firms looking for profitable growth and improved competitiveness. With Nutanix, you can keep pace with changing business and customer demands, comply with tougher regulations, and mitigate new risks.

Workloads ranging from tier-0/tier-1 enterprise applications, to desktop and application virtualization, to private cloud deployments for development/testing can co-exist on the same platform. Nutanix intelligent tiering of data and VM-centric design protects the performance of every application by eliminating resource contention. With a patented scale-out architecture, Nutanix delivers predictable scalability for even the most intensive virtual environments and enables a pay-as-you-grow model for economical growth.

Nutanix advantages:

  • Seamless scalability with the ability to pay as you grow – add new nodes in minutes with minimal configuration – get applications provisioned faster, without overprovisioning storage or server infrastructure.
  • Consolidate different workloads including tier-1 database workloads on a single platform to cut CapEx by 50% and maintain high performance.
  • Stay available and secure with options for FIPS 140-2 level 2 compliant data-at-rest encryption, integrated disaster recovery including VM-centric remote and cloud backups, and metro-level synchronous replication.
  • Cut power, space, and cooling requirements by over 80% for both servers and storage.
  • Reduce downtime and speed troubleshooting with VM-centric data protection, smart analytics, and deep insight into the infrastructure and all VMs.

"Nutanix gives the advantage of expandability without having to have a SAN. If I want to add another set of desktops, it’s no problem because I don’t have to go into a SAN and reengineer it. I get everything all. With Nutanix, I get everything all at once rather than having to pick and choose from multiple vendors. Operationally, we haven’t had to touch it, we just know it’s going to work."

Jason Walker, Network Engineer, Imperial PFS