Service Provider

  • Reduce upfront costs and lower risk with a flexible pay as you grow model
  • Rapidly scale business leveraging predictable costs aligned with services sold
  • Expand portfolio of services with Nutanix and OEM appliances
  • Simplify operations by cutting upfront and ongoing management by as much as 70%
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime and speed troubleshooting with smart analytics and deep insights

Service Provider

Today’s service providers want to create unique and profitable offerings and services for their customers, without competing solely on price. But to obtain these often conflicting goals, they face many challenges. Many find it difficult to onboard customers fast enough without significantly overprovisioning resources and, in turn, either driving up costs or driving out returns on the initial investment. Others are spending far too much time managing their environments, dealing with the complexity and inherent limitations of their traditional three-tier architectures. To combat the complexities associated with traditional storage infrastructure, many service providers are forced to rely on silos of resources, specifically storage, because of the significant performance issues that result from sharing IT infrastructure. And finally, troubleshooting customer issues can require substantial effort and time, impacting customer SLAs and requiring specialized skill sets.

Nutanix invisible infrastructure enables service providers to build and support much more profitable businesses. By combining hyperconverged and web-scale technologies with enterprise capabilities, Nutanix appliances provide the high performance that service providers need, at as much as 50% lower cost for any workload at any scale on any cloud.

Purchasing Models that Meet Your Business

Nutanix has a variety of different models to help service providers quickly and easily build differentiated and profitable services on the Nutanix Invisible Infrastructure and align costs with their services businesses. Service Providers get more efficient use of their infrastructure, aligning investments with IT consumption.

For more information check out the Service Provider Solution Brief

Service Provider

Nutanix advantages:

  • Achieve easy scalability with the ability to pay as you grow – add new appliances in minutes with minimal to no configuration – get new customers on-boarded as much as 90% quicker, without over-provisioning.
  • Share infrastructure across different customers/applications without worrying about performance impacts – reduce upfront IT infrastructure costs by over 30% vs. 3-tier architectures.
  • Cut power, space and cooling requirements by 50-70% for both servers and storage – for tremendous reduction in operational costs.
  • Reduce ongoing management and support staff costs by 70-80% as a result of simplified management with Nutanix environment
  • Cut downtime and speed troubleshooting with smart analytics and deep infrastructure and VM-level insight.
  • Leverage Nutanix VM-centric replication/DR technology to offer Nutanix customers affordable DR/DP at the VM/application level and potentially open up completely new service offerings that were deemed impossible in traditional architectures.
  • Gain the trust of customers with the Nutanix X-Powered designation. When you carry the X-Powered logo, your customers know that they’ll benefit from services built on the industry leader in hyperconverged solutions. Learn more about Nutanix X-Powered.
  • For more information on Nutanix benefits and TCO savings refer to IDC report “Quantifying the Business Value of Nutanix Solutions

"Nutanix provided us with the ability to decrease our overall hands-on management. This allowed us to focus more time on our business and our clients instead of spending time administering hardware. Nutanix allowed us to take an internal offering, productize it and turn it into a profitable service offering for Protected Trust."

Robert Mehrer, Operations Manager, Protected Trust