State & Local Government

  • Get the most out of your IT budget through a simplified infrastructure and operational model
  • Start small and pay-as-you-grow with predictable performance and economics
  • Eliminate downtime and speed up troubleshooting with affordable integrated data protection and smart analytics
  • Transition to the cloud without worrying about the uncertainties or challenges of public cloud providers

State & Local Government

State and local government agencies must maintain the delicate balance between budget restrictions and the growing demands for IT services. As a result, IT teams in the public sector are often forced to make difficult choices to demonstrate financial responsibility, while delivering all of the services the public needs. To accomplish their goals, government agencies need powerful and cost-effective IT solutions, with the flexibility to scale their environments easily and efficiently.

Nutanix has already helped hundreds of government departments and agencies make the transition to an efficient and virtualized datacenter built on hyperconverged infrastructure with web-scale technologies. With the predictable economics and benefits of web-scale IT, Nutanix enables public sector organizations to deliver better services with your current budget and staffing. Start small for a variety of deployments and scale flexibly by adding compute and storage only as needed.

Nutanix enables you to adopt a cooperative model where multiple workloads can optimally co-exist alongside others on the same platform. Keep your critical services up and running with a self-healing Nutanix system – eliminating planned downtime and minimizing unplanned downtime. Nutanix removes infrastructure management tasks such as constant storage management and optimization. This enables you to embark on new projects and initiatives such as Shared Services, e-Government, and increased virtualization. And with Nutanix, you can get up and running in a few hours, a mere fraction of the time it takes with three tier infrastructure and scale deployments in less than half an hour making you more agile.

Nutanix advantages:

  • Scale smart by adding nodes only as needed – no need to over-provision or create silos of storage.
  • Get up and running in a fraction of the time it takes with three-tier infrastructure, without significant upfront planning and configuration.
  • Cut CapEx and OpEx by as much as 50% with a hyperconverged model built using web-scale architecture, few management tasks, and as much as 80% lower power, space, and cooling requirements.
  • Avoid planned downtime events and minimize unplanned downtime leverage non-disruptive upgrades and affordable VM-centric replication/DR technology at the VM level.

"With Nutanix in place, we have a very robust platform that can deploy services at a moment’s notice to branch offices. And we’re comfortable they have enough horsepower and I/O to handle anything we throw at them."

Lovell Hopper, Manager, Infrastructure Services, Cal OES