Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Hyperconverged Systems

  • Start small and seamlessly scale to support 100s or 1000s of virtual desktops with pay-as-you-grow economics
  • Minimize infrastructure risk with predictable scalability and Nutanix VDI assurance
  • Deliver excellent user experience regardless of deployment scale or type
  • Simplify VDI projects and accelerate time to value

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Hyperconverged Systems

Desktop and application virtualization deployments also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are increasingly common in today’s mobile friendly IT environments. VDI is not only being driven by IT departments to efficiently support growing end user computing needs, they are also needed to support bring your own device initiatives, unfettered mobile access to applications and data, and improved security.

Unfortunately traditional three-tier based VDI architectures with separate storage and compute (servers) bring complexity, inflexible resource provisioning, and fragmented infrastructure management, which can offset the advantages of desktop virtualization. Moreover these infrastructure issues are magnified as desktop and application projects scale from pilot to full-scale production environments.

Nutanix hyperconverged solution helps you address these challenges by eliminating unpredictable user performance, burdensome operational costs and high capital costs. Nutanix web-scale architecture is ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure. It consolidates compute (server) and the storage into a single, 100% software defined appliance that comes ready to run VMware Horizon with View, VMware Horizon Air, Citrix XenDesktop, and Citrix XenApp.

Nutanix’s unique architecture allows enterprises to linearly scale their virtual desktop environment from tens to tens of thousands of desktops, while maintaining excellent user experience, reducing product risk and easing budget pressures, with a pay-as-you grow model. A single Nutanix platform supports every type of VDI user and application and deployment model, from non-persistent task and knowledge worker desktops to persistent power and graphics-intensive user desktops, without having to rely on overprovisioning storage capacity for performance.

As the industry’s most popular converged infrastructure solution for VDI, Nutanix has developed innovative features such Shadow Clones, which provides a distributed caching of the golden desktop image used by Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) and VMware Linked Clones. Nutanix Shadow Clones maintains high performance even during punishing boot storms. Nutanix VDI solutions are ideal for scenarios that require a quick turnaround of virtual desktops, such as classrooms, call center operations, and healthcare facilities.

Nutanix advantages:

  • Simple, out-of-the-box deployment: Ready to deploy virtual desktops in an hour.
  • Predictable scale out: Linearly, non-disruptive VDI scaling support desktop growth without inefficient overprovisioning.
  • Excellent user experience: Eliminates storage bottlenecks resulting in fast application responsiveness and boot/login experience, regardless of size or type of deployment.
  • Eliminate sizing risk: Define VDI in terms of end-users requirements and eliminate performance risk with Nutanix VDI assurance.
  • Business continuity: Get highly available desktops for mission-critical environments using built-in native replication and disaster recovery.
  • VMware, Citrix and Microsoft integration: Support for VMware View Composer Array Integration (VCAI), Microsoft offloaded data transfers (ODX), Citrix XenServer (tech preview only) and native plugins for Citrix XenDesktop Studio.
  • Lower costs: Lower infrastructure capital expenses (CapEx) compared with physical desktops, reduce on-going operating costs with simplified management, and shrink IT footprint with the industry’s highest virtual desktop density.
  • Certified VDI: Fully approved by Citrix and VMware for enterprise desktop and application virtualization.

VDI on Nutanix Video

VDI on Nutanix

"Desktops are very responsive on Nutanix and the performance is significantly faster. Users are pleased and no longer complain about VDI performance. We have near zero disk latency. Users can work without impacting each other, even when rebooting or running heavy workloads."

Rudy Dellafiore, Senior Director of IT Operations,

Industry-Leading VDI Solutions Run on Nutanix

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Nutanix VDI Assurance Program

VDI Assurance

The industry’s first ever VDI Assurance ensures that your VDI users always get the server and storage resources they need for the life of the Nutanix platform. If additional hardware is required to meet profile parameters, Nutanix provides it at no additional cost. Assured infrastructure — delivering peace of mind and 100% predictability to your VDI deployment.

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