Mission Critical Subscription and Support Program

Nutanix’s Mission Critical Subscription and Support Program is designed for large enterprises that operate Nutanix products in a mission-critical 24×7 environment, and cannot afford to take any downtime The Mission Critical Subscription and Support Program entitles customers to 24 hour, priority call and case handling, direct access to senior level engineers, and up to 4 hour on-site service. The Mission Critical Subscription and Support Program is available as a 1-year, or 3-year program.


  • 24×7 telephone and web support. Nutanix’s technical support engineers can answer technical questions and assist with equipment operation, 24 hours a day. Customers may call Nutanix at 1855-NUTANIX, extension 3. Local in-country numbers are being added as we expand our service offerings and available at www.nutanix.com/support.
  • Priority call handling. Customer calls to Nutanix are given priority status and handled by the next available support engineer. The response times SLA is twice as quick as any other service level. Furthermore, this level of service provides guaranteed access to senior level engineers.
  • Up to 4 hours parts delivery. When on-site hardware service is required, Nutanix will dispatch authorized service personnel to the customer’s site to restore equipment to normal operation. Technicians will arrive on-site between 8AM and 5PM, Local holidays excepted. Call must be dispatched before 3PM local time to meet this service level. Customers who prefer not to wait for on-site repair may buy a spares kit which includes parts that are considered likely to need replacement.
  • Software subscription plan. The customer is entitled to all versions of released software, including bug fixes, patches and major releases issued during the period the support contract is in effect. Note that additional features implemented in new versions may require purchase of an additional license to use the new feature. Customers who have a current software subscription will be alerted to new releases and can download them from a location provided by Nutanix support.
  • AutoSupport monitoring. An automated alert system sends regular system status reports and alerts when critical system events occur to Nutanix support. Nutanix support engineers use information from AutoSupport to respond to and prevent potential problems, or to quickly resolve problems that are identified. After a hardware component failure is confirmed, Nutanix will dispatch a service technician AutoSupport proactively identifies events such as:
    • Disk failure
    • Fan failure
    • Power supply module failure
    • Software crashes
    • Temperature issues
  • Spares support and integrated logistics planning. For timely problem resolution, Nutanix stocks spares in strategic locations in major metropolitan areas in North America, EMEA and Asia.
  • On-Line resources. Nutanix’s Support Site offers extensive product documentation, user manuals, and other helpful information. Customers may create cases at any time by entering a case on the support web site at portal.nutanix.com. If you require a support account, please self register at portal.nutanix.com. In case of issues with account creation, please e-mail portal-accounts@nutanix.com. If you require emergency assistance, please contact Telephone Support at 1-855-NUTANIX, extension 3. . Local in-country numbers are being added as we expand our service offerings. Please see www.nutanix.com/support for the complete list of local numbers.